The Incubator:

Cambro - Camcarrier S-Series - UPCS180 (8" deep; 6" deep probably works also but has not been tested)

Full size Stainless Steel 2.5" deep Steam Table Pan (also called 1/1)  with Lid; (approx. 12x20")

Aquarium Heater:  25 - 50 W; adjustable to operate at 89˚F; (for an aquarium not larger than 10 gall)

Aquarium Air Pump, small (for up to 10 gall) 

Air tubing for the air pump with back flow preventer

4" Air Stone

Suppliers of dry roasted soybean halves :

For larger quantities (non GMO or organic): 

Tempeh Culture also called Powdered Tempeh Starter

We use three tsp of this starter for the three pounds finished tempeh in a pan (26 oz dry ingredients) and we let it incubate for 26 hrs.

There are other suppliers listed on the web; not everyone has Rhizopus Oligosporus

Betsy's Tempeh in the Media:

Ellen Kanner in the Huffington Post 


2 Experiments with whole organic soybeans  ( Here )

Several Experiments using other ingredients ( Chickpeas, Kamut, Black Bean, Barley…) (Here)

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