How to make our tempeh incubator

The 8" deep Cambro Food Pan Carrier can become a perfect tempeh incubator with a small modification. Also needed is a small aquarium air pump, air tubing, a 4 inch air stone, an aquarium water heater and a full size pan (see our "Notes").

Make a line with a water proof marker at the edge of the finger recess.   


Make a second line 35 mm lower (1" 6/16) (Let's hear it for the metric system)

Make sure the Cambro is level, then fill with water to the lower line. Put the pan into the Cambro and add water (at the finger recess) till the pan floats up not more than 2 mm. 

When you remove the pan take a good look at the water level which will be slightly above the lower line.

This level is the correct level for the Cambro and the pan for tempeh making. Try to remember exactly how much above the lower line the new level is and commit to memory - or measure and when the surface has dried, make another line. 

Now to double check: Dry the pan, then tape two small pieces of paper to the narrow sides of the pan and put it back into the Cambro, press down on the narrow side until the pan sits on the rim. When you then remove the pan, you should see that the water level reached at least (but not more) 1/2 inch up the side of the pan.  That means the water level is correct.


Drill a small hole for the air tubing and a larger one for the heater wire (in our case also a temperature sensor). Cut the heater wire near the plug and then resplice. This hole is a bit larger and helps the air exit that is pumped in through the air stone.


The Cambro Pan Carrier is now a tempeh incubator. Fill with water to the proper level, close the lid and operate for a while until you are assured that the temperature runs steady at 90˚F.   This might take a day.